Zentangle® Classes

Creative Moment In Time

Put some Zen into your projects. This class will open a whole new world to your quilting, sewing and home decorating options. You will play with new mediums such as; specialty threads, Ink-tense pens/chalks, beads, crystals, notions, yarn. Through exploring the options and the fun of using some creative tools your ideas will ‘pop’ like a lightbulb.
There is no photo for this as each students’ piece will be his/her own design.

Zendala in Fabric:

Zentangle® Designs are typically done in black and white and on paper, using the method of Zentangle® Art you will create your own in Fabric- I have named it Zendala in Fabric. It will be an abstract art piece that can be a wall hanging, placemat or table runner. You will be using a variety of Black and White fabrics, with your choice of a bright colored print fabric to complete your unique project.

Zen Applique Placemat

Students will prepare this piece as a placemat. However, it can always be made larger after they learn the techniques. Jacquelyn will lead you through this fun-filled way to use of scraps of your wonderful patterned fabrics. A kit can be provided upon request.

Zentangle® Jewelry Set: Creating Wearable Art

Students will enjoy learning the Zentangle® Method and making an end product of a piece of
jewelry. The class is open to all levels with an interest in learning more Zentangle® Patterns and
applying this to a fun project they can wear with pride (or make more for gifts). The instructor will
provide a kit which will be payable to the instructor at the time of the class.