April 15, 2016

Landed in Ft. Lauderdale to a very strong rain storm, mixed with lightning and thunder.  Tomorrow Michelle and I will be boarding The Navigator of the Seas- a Royal Caribbean Ship-
and greet our newest group of cruising quilters.
I love the Caribbean Sea,, it is the most beautiful sapphire blue you have ever seen. On this trip, we will have an excursion on the West Indes Island of St. Kitts.  A great Batik shop is on that island, it is also the Batik factory- of which our quilters have the opportunity of going behind the scenes. Each student is able and encouraged to try their hand in performing the traditional method of adding wax in areas that they don’t want color, making a design and then dying the cloth. They will go away from Caribelle Batiks with a piece of their own making. Each time I take the group there, they all tell me it was the favorite of the whole trip.