Practice, Practice, Practice…

It is Sunday,  I have been Zentangle crazy this week. I have done several ‘tangles’ on paper, today I decided to try my hand at sewing a Zentangle design.
First I cut an 8″ block out of top fabric, batting and backing fabric.
I took my sketch pad to a table and started sketching.  When I was finished with the paper design I took the white top fabric, used a Frixion fabric marking pen and then drew the same design on the fabric.
Off to the sewing machine, I went.  I turned off the knot tying feature on my sewing machine because I would later pull the top thread to the back and tie it off, then bury the threads. Since traditional Zentangles are done in Black and White, I used Black thread in the bobbin and the needle.
I started with sewing the border, which helped to hold all the fabric in place, I also stitched across the sections to give separation to the individual tangles. Then the straight stitching, I wanted to make sure I was able to have continuous line quilting, and it worked pretty well. The curved crescent moon section had to be done by free motion quilting, I found that I had to turn the machine to a very slow speed for this portion.
What do you think?