Mensch Family

Carl and Margie Mensch are very dear friends of Bill and I.  I took a ‘Thangle’ Class last spring  by my friend Joann Hinchliffe. She designed a block of the Hunter Star and then arranged it into a quilt design.  I chose 2 Batiks fabric for this quilt. The picture shown here isn’t really as good as I wanted, but I was unable to take it, and so Bill went to Tucson for the day, visited with Carl and Margie and took this photo. Their new baby wouldn’t move out of the picture, and why should she?  Her name is Cora and she goes where Margie goes.  This is a queen size quilt, it is a soft green marbleized batik and a more tone on tone green batik for the second fabric. I will get a close up view of the block when I am able to get to their home later this month. For now, I just wanted to honor this great couple and the wonderful friends they are to us.